The 40’s

Being 45 now, I feel as if my 40’s has been all about counteracting all of the damage I have been doing to my body, pretty much all my life. Apparently I have never been properly hydrated, correctly nourished, or gotten enough cardio-activity. I fluctuate on getting too much sun and not enough sun, so I’m sure my vitamin D is all wrong.

I wonder if being 50 years old will be the age that I give in and accept defeat.




My recent photography homework topic was to shoot landscape, using a master photographer’s piece as inspiration.
egglestonMy inspiration for this project is William Eggleston. He often photographed urban areas. Vehicles and buildings made appearances in his shots, as well as roads and big sky. He was known for taking photos of the ugly. However, he was also known for taking photos with amazing color. But what I took from his collection of photos is his sweeping scenery. I used the photo titled Yellow market sign and parking lot, as the driving force behind my shoot.

William Eggleston, (American, born 1939), Yellow market sign and parking lot, 1999–2001, Medium: Iris Print

My cousin, Jasmine, flew in from Boston. I took the opportunity while waiting at Orlando International Airport Cell Waiting Lot to get some homework done. Here is the contact sheet of the best 20. I would always welcome feedback from photographers in the know. PipHoward_Mod4_landscape


This is a gif that I made of my daughter running on Dan’s Trail at Cypress Glen campground, Florida. I notice that sometimes it doesn’t load. I’m sorry if that happens to you.

Blue Mesa


rvatbluemesa square

Our first night in Campy.

As you can see, Blue Mesa is beautiful.

We selected a pull-through site, as we were still overwhelmed with all the information from the whirlwind walk through with Humphrey RV. Unhooking and hooking up again felt like too much too soon. We filled up our water tank and called it good. After all, we had been camping in a tent for a full week and this was definitely a big step up. We were going to be boondocking for the next several months and we didn’t feel like we needed anything fancy.

We would love to camp here again. However, going up the steep mountain passes were quite slow going. I apologize to all those frustrated speedsters caught behind me as we chugged uphill on our #newbie run.

(Oh, and Happy Birthday, David!)


Homeowners again!

homesweethomeOwning a home is no joke. When we sold our house, I was happy, relieved, excited, anxious, and overwhelmed. Buying our new home was an adventure. We bought our RV without ever seeing it in person. Nervy, right?

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that it worked out and we are pretty happy with our new home, on wheels.

Ain’t she cute? Her name is Campy Camper.

And it begins….

But my house, I’m ready to go.

House for sale.

We love this house: birthed children, buried beloved pets, hiked, gardened, shoveled massive amounts of snow, chopped tons of wood, loved, laughed, lived here. Sanctuary.

It’s all upside and inside out from here.

What in the world are we doing?